Family Support

trombone-player-11-6873171Our Family Support Services assists you in the implementation of the Nurtured Heart Approach® in your home in a simple uncomplicated way that will create on-going success and transformation. Our goal is to guide you in developing your skills, clarity and intention as a parent to create a family home free from tension, anxiety and confrontation.

Nurtured Heart Approach UK provides a personalised service that does not judge, lecture or criticise parents who are in the main frustrated and just want what’s best for their children and family. We will put you back in control of your relationship with your children and provide the resilience that is required to turn intensity into unlimited success.

If you are seeking more individualized support, our private sessions may suit your needs. Whether you are seeking to enhance the relationships you have with your children, your partner/ spouse, your staff/ work colleagues OR yourself. Clients have commonly sought the NHA for assistance with their intense children (often with diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, ASD), and is particularly useful for people experiencing difficulties with self esteem, confidence and assertiveness.

Family Support Packages

We are acutely aware of the pressure and times constraints faced by the modern family and for this reason Nurtured Heart Approach UK offers a range of family support packages that are flexible enough to fit in with your busy lifestyle and work commitments.

Family Support Packages consist of a one and a half hour initial assessment and five, one and a half hour personal sessions with Alastair Gardiner or other respected Nurtured Heart Approach Certified Trainer.

Family support packages can be delivered through the medium of home visits or Skype.


Home Visits are the most popular form of family support which allows direct support and assistance in the family home.  Many parents feel powerless to explain the behaviour their child may be exhibiting, especially when they seem to hold it together at school or while visiting health professionals. The Initial Assessment will allow an overview of the family dynamics and set out the plan for transforming behaviour and putting you back in control of your relationship with your children.

Once the Initial Assessment has been completed it will be followed up by five, two hour visits which will provide you with the skills and techniques to put your family back on the right track. The Certified Trainer will demonstrate the strategies in real time with your children and support you in your implementation.

Home visits can take place between 9am – 9pm weekdays and 10am – 7pm at weekends and Bank Holidays

Parents and Carers can also take advantage of receiving family support through Skype which can suit parents who wish reduce the cost of the service while still receiving personal consultation and tuition.

For parents and carers living in the North West of England there is the option of attending appointments at the Nurtured Heart Approach UK’s Head Office in Altrincham in Cheshire.

Family Support Service Costs

For an informal chat on how the Nurtured Heart Approach can transform behaviour in your family home. Contact 0161 962 77871 or 07812 052701