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Professionals earn 34 Continuing Education Hours

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Two Concurrent Training Tracks {click below for info}

Both the Certified Trainer Track (first-time Attendees) and the Advanced Training Track (returning Attendees) are delivered concurrently at the NHA Certification Training Intensive. Certified Trainers and Advanced Trainers come together to learn, lead, and be mentored collectively. During all learning sessions, both Tracks will participate together, while there will be breakout sessions specifically to serve the needs of each training designation. This creates a community of learners, coaches and experts – an ideal environment for inspiration and collaboration.

Nurtured Heart Approach®
Certification Training Intensive

The Nurtured Heart Approach Certification Training Intensive (CTI) is a 5+ day (Sunday evening-Friday afternoon), live, certification program facilitated by NHA creator, Howard Glasser, for parents and professionals. Learn, in-person, the entire ethos and methodology of NHA through interactive presentations and small group practice & mentoring.  The Children’s Success Foundation (CSF) has crafted a comprehensive curriculum to support you – professionals and lay persons, alike – to easily learn this transformational approach. CTI is the most “experiential” offering in NHA, guaranteed to shift your paradigm into mastery of building Inner Wealth® in all of your relationships.

Your journey to becoming a Nurtured Heart Approach Certified Trainer and, if you choose, progressing to Advanced Trainer at your second CTI, will inspire you to not only embody the Approach, but will also give you tools to effectively communicate, teach and coach NHA in your family, community, school, or organization.

The Training culminates in being awarded the designation NHA Certified Trainer or Advanced Trainer, and OPTIONAL access to the NHA Trainer Network, a robust library of curriculum and resources for those who wish to teach NHA publicly (at a current yearly subscription rate of $59). Professionals earn 34 CEs.


  1. Read the information about becoming a Certified Trainer.
  2. Choose which CTI you wish to attend. {Course dates are at the top of this page. Click on the large colored buttons for info.}
  3. Read the NHA Fidelity Agreement.
  4. Determine how you will meet the Prerequisites. {Info provided on the second tab in “The Details” section below.}
  5. Register for CTI. {Click the button at the top of the page for the specific CTI. Follow the link to the registration form.}

Here’s What You Get at CTI

  • Interactive daily General Sessions with Howard Glasser, creator of NHA. Learn the essential ethos and the step-by-step methodology of NHA.
  • Experiential exercises to root yourself into the experience of NHA. Work with partners, small groups, and individual assignments, all designed to keep your brain and your heart engaged.
  • Training Video of NHA in action followed by Q&A. These examples will show you how natural NHA is and how to use it in even the toughest moments.
  • Expertly-guided activities devoted to creating your vision plan and action statements about how you will create success with NHA in your life.
  • Clear guidance how to use the ample resource materials available to NHA Trainers. Return home with a whole new tool box!
  • Time to network and create supportive alliances. Many purposeful projects and collaborations have been born at CTI.
  • Most importantly, become the Nurtured Heart Approach ~ Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit!

NHA Trainer Network
Optional and Subscription Based

  • CTI is based on Training Material that we call the
    NHA Visual Training Modules (VTMs) – PowerPoint & Keynote Slide Shows.
  • During your own learning process, you will also be learning how to guide others in learning NHA through the VTMs.
  • These VTMs are delivered through a comprehensive online platform – the NHA Trainer Network.
  • After CTI you will be invited to join the NHA Trainer Network (low annual membership fee applies) so that you can use the same VTMs (in an abbreviated form) to train others.  The Trainer Network is optional and does not impact your certification status if you are not teaching.


The NHA Certification Training Intensive (CTI) prepares you to share NHA publicly (if you choose) as a Certified Trainer or Advanced Trainer. Children’s Success Foundation hopes that you will share your enthusiasm for the Nurtured Heart Approach with your community in big ways. In order to uphold the Approach and ensure that it is taught accurately in its entirety, only NHA Certified Trainers and Advanced Trainers are authorized to formally teach the Approach. While NHA Trainers are fully supported to teach the Approach, only CSF is eligible to offer any kind of certification in the Approach.

Every person who embarks on the process of NHA Certification Training Intensive is first required to sign the NHA Fidelity Agreement.

Fidelity is an overall reference to consistency among those teaching Nurtured Heart Approach, so as to be teaching and conveying the approach in a predictable, reliable and consistent way. It ensures that anyone learning NHA, anywhere in the world, is receiving virtually the same information. Of course, every NHA Trainer will be bringing their own voice, energy and experience to the endeavor of sharing this model and method. That is the beauty of the process.

Fidelity and consistency are critical to NHA research and gauging its effectiveness. For this reason, only Certified Trainers and Advanced Trainers are sanctioned by CSF, the guiding entity of NHA, to deliver formal training in the Approach. Once you have signed the NHA Fidelity Agreement, and been awarded the designation of NHA Certified Trainer via your full participation at CTI, CSF is honored to grant you access to the standard resources for highly effective teaching, which we call the Visual Training Modules (VTMs). The VTMs are available on the online NHA Trainer Network. All publicly offered training in NHA must follow the VTMs.

Please direct any questions regarding fidelity to:

The Children’s Success Foundation (CSF) is the designated agent charged with upholding the integrity and teaching of the NHA in a consistent, fair and professional manner.


Certified Trainer:

Early Bird Discount: $1799
General Tuition: $1999

Advanced Trainer:

Early Bird Discount: $750
General Tuition: $950

Group Rate:

Discounted Group Rates are available for organizations sending 10 or more people. Payment by check is required. All individuals in the group must meet the prerequisite prior to attendance at the CTI.

Click here for more information.

Organizations sending less than 10, but 2 or more attendees, pleaseclick here for more information.

Payment by check is preferred.  All individuals in the group must meet the prerequisite prior to attendance at the CTI.


Limited Scholarships are available through the Howard Glasser Scholarship Fund.

Please for information and an application.


Cancellation prior to 21 days in advance of the start of CTI, you will receive a refund of your tuition minus a $250 administrative fee.
No refund will be given for cancellation within 20 days of the event, unless you, your spouse/partner, or your child have been hospitalized.


If you cancel your participation within 20 days of the start of the CTI, tuition payment, minus a $250 administrative fee can be applied to a CTI sponsored by CSF within 2 years of your original cancellation.

CTI is an intensive process. Togther, we jump right in to high-level learning. While we do cover all the aspects of NHA, step-by-step, in a progressive fashion, it is important that you have working knowledge of NHA before coming to CTI.


There is a prerequisite requirement to attending CTI, that can be met in one of two ways:

1. Participate in one of the NHA online courses: Exploring NHA Online Course or Foundations of NHA Online Course.


2. Participate in six (6) hours (or more) of NHA training facilitated by an NHA Certified Trainer or Advanced Trainer.


Highly Recommended: Read one of the NHA books by Howard Glasser: Transforming the Difficult Child orNotching Up the Nurtured Heart Approach.

As a professional, you can earn 32 Continuing Education (CE) Hours* for completing the 5+ day CTI.

View the CTI Objectives to satisfy the granting of CE
View CE accreditation

*It is strongly suggested that you consult with your local, state or national licensing agency for pre-approval prior to registration.

Registration Evening:

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Registration, Hors d’oeuvre Reception and Orientation

Day 1:

7:30 – 8:45 ~ Advanced Trainer Leadership Circle (ATs only)
8:30 – 9:00 ~ Coffee & Networking Gathering
9:00 – 6:00 ~ Energy Informs Everything

Day 2:

7:30 – 8:45 ~ Advanced Trainer Leadership Circle (ATs only)
8:30 – 9:00 ~ Coffee & Networking Gathering
9:00 – 6:00 ~ NHA Stand 1 & Stand 2

Day 3:

7:30 – 8:45 ~ Advanced Trainer Leadership Circle (ATs only)
8:30 – 9:00 ~ Coffee & Networking Gathering
9:00 – 6:00 ~ NHA Stand 3 & NHA Coaching

Day 4:

7:30 – 8:45 ~ Advanced Trainer Leadership Circle (ATs only)
8:30 – 9:00 ~ Coffee & Networking Gathering
9:00 – 6:00 ~ Notching Up NHA

Day 5:

7:30 – 8:45 ~ Advanced Trainer Leadership Circle (ATs only)
8:30 – 9:00 ~ Coffee & Networking Gathering
9:00 – 4:30 ~ Becoming an NHA Trainer

*Times may be adjusted for International CTIs. Please check your Welcome Letter for any changes for your specific CTI.

During CTI we will discuss the Nurtured Heart Approach and how to implement it in various settings, situations and organizations. We will be asking you to participate in experiential exercises that may elicit emotional content. This program is in no way intended be a substitute for psychotherapy. It is expected that you remain mindful of your process and needs. Depending on the nature of your process, the facilitators and staff of the Training may not be available to guide you through personal terrain. We recommend that you seek professional help as necessary outside of the context of the Training to heal your deep feelings.

If at any time your style of conducting yourself interferes with the process of the facilitators or the group, you will be asked, in the spirit of the Nurtured Heart Approach, to “reset” yourself. If this becomes a process that is beyond the measure and constraints of the event and the needs of the other participants, you may be asked to participate in an “audit only” capacity, or you may even be asked to leave the event. If this is the case then there will be no refund given.

Thank you for you commitment to making CTI a safe and productive space for all participants.

The Nurtured Heart Approach naturally supports the Common Core Learning Initiative. Learn how NHA can support your school’s Common Core goals.

Download the PDF below:

Open the Door to Common Core

CSF is proud to offer the very special opportunity to sponsor a Certification Training Intensive (CTI) in your organization or community. This is the best way to launch a Nurtured Heart culture and create immediate impact. Sponsoring a CTI gives your organization opportunity to have all your members trained at once and have a customized training experience.

For information Please down load the US Sponsored CTI Fact Sheet below:

US Sponsored CTI Fact Sheet

Please direct inquiries to: