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Nurtured Heart Approach UK (NHA.UK) is the home of all things Nurtured Heart Approach in the UK and acts as a hub for its training, development and implementation. Howard Glasser the creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach and founder of the Children’s Success Foundation (CSF) has appointed NHA. UK as their satellite organisation in delivering training programmes, parental support and consultancy.

As a partner organisation NHA UK is committed to bringing Howard Glasser to the U.K  yearly to deliver the five day Certified Intensive Training with the purpose of developing and supporting increased numbers of Nurtured Heart Approach trainers who can be inspirational in creating trans-formative change in family homes, education settings and children’s services. This training event is an amazing experience where individuals gather from all over the world to learn the philosophy, strategies and techniques that will create truly trans-formative change for children, families and staff teams.
NHA.UK is based in Manchester but offers services throughout the U.K and Europe. As the satellite organisation for CSF we can offer recommendations of suitably qualified, skilled and experienced practitioners from a range of professional backgrounds who can support your family, school or childcare organisation.